Soul Tour

The Gulf of Poets

Discover your Magic 

The moon, with its vibrant charm and beauty and its influence on Nature is a light and guide towards the mystery and magic of the unconscious.

On Poetessa boat tour, with Elena Bertelli, counselor and expert in Astrology and Tarots,

the poetry of the gulf of the Poets will intertwine with the mythology of the sky and the sea.

Together with the sun, the moon symbolizes the duality and balance between opposite outside and inside of us: masculine and feminine, light and dark.

Through small exercises of awareness, in the frame of the Gulf with its powerful elements, the use of Tarots and astrology will help you to get in touch with your multifaceted self and find your own uniqueness.

Elena Bertelli Astrocounseling

   Elena Bertelli Astro-counselor

languages spoken: Ita/eng/ger/fr

    “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the  Universe, so the soul…” Hermes Trismegistus

5h Tour private boat:

  • 5h: 900€ for the boat

Difficulty Level

  • easy


  • 5h


  • Molo Assonautica, Passegiata Morin, La Spezia

Minimum pax

  • The experience is designed for a group of min 3 and max 6 people