Cultural Tour

The Gulf of Poets

Storytelling of the Magic

A tour between Nature, Beauty and Culture

Our gulf boasts a UNESCO site and a Natural park, a village part of the Club of the “most beautiful villages in Italy” since 2004, a first walk of poetry of Italy, medieval convents, beautiful colored villages, charming coves, islands and cliffs overlooking the sea. We’ll see the characteristic landscapes with vineyards and villages perched in the rock with pickaxes and ropes.

With that exclusive Cultural Tour you will have an unforgettable experience with Francesca aboard of Poetessa where you will be taken to discover the hidden treasures and iconic places that have inspired poets, artists and travelers of every era.

It’s all so rich of history, legend and curious story about Artists that, in the past, stayed in this gulf getting inspiration for their life and their work.
Artists like Mary and Percy Shelley, Lord Byron, D.H.Lawrence, Virginia Woolf, Virginia Oldoini, the “Contessa di Castiglione” and many more…

3 hours Tour:

  • 3h Min, a stage (Lerici or Portovenere): 150€ per person
  • Family pack(2 adult+2 children): 350€
  • 4 adults or more: 450€

4 hours Tour:

  • 4h, two stages: 175€ per person
  • Family pack(2 adult+2 children): 450€
  • 4 adults and more: 600€

5 hours Tour:

  • 5h, two stages + 5 Terre Coast: 250€ per person
  • Family pack(2 adult+2 children): 550€
  • 4 adults and more: 700€

All Day Tour:

  • All Day: 800€ [max 8 adults]

Difficulty Level

  • Easy


  • Min 3h - Max 8h


  • Molo Assonautica, Passegiata Morin, La Spezia

Minimum pax

  • The experience is designed for a group of max 8 people